Building a safer community

Building a safer community

We know that safety is important to the people of Port Hedland. That is why the Hedland Collective (the Collective) is a member of the Town of Port Hedland’s Hedland Community Safety Forum (the Forum).

The Town of Port Hedland recently surveyed 260 people and found that:

  • 58% of respondents reported feeling unsafe in Hedland.
  • 29% of respondents reporting being a victim of crime.
  • 31% did not know how to get assistance for non life-threatening matters.

The Forum has been working over the past year to develop a community safety plan (the Plan) that recognises  what is needed in Hedland to ensure everyone feels connected to people, place and home.  The Plan has recently been completed and endorsed by the Forum.

Community safety is not just about crime but is a much broader issue.  The Plan identifies four focus areas that capture what the community wants for improved community safety:

  • Personal safety
  • Safe open spaces and parks
  • Resilient communities
  • Powerful partnerships

Now that there is a plan of action, the Hedland Collective and the other members of the Forum will be working together to implement the strategy over the next few years to build a safer Hedland community for everyone.

Click here to download the Community Safety Plan

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