Future-proofing Child Care in Hedland

The Hedland Collective is taking action to help solve the problem of the lack of Child Care services in the town. Initial investigations undertaken by the Town of Port Hedland suggest a potential shortfall of 300 or more placements, specifically in the 0-2 age group.

We have already undertaken several facilitated workshops with all Child Care centres in Hedland to understand the barriers and opportunities for addressing the significant waiting list for placements.

The Hedland Collective is working with two expert consultants to further understand the obstacles and develop solutions to this important issue. From these consultations, the Hedland Collective has identified two key areas for focussed efforts:

  • The current shortage of Child Care workers
  • The insufficient suitable space for Child Care centres to expand to meet current and future demandThese areas underwent further consideration with relevant stakeholders to ensure they got to the heart of the problem, and we presented two draft documents to Child Care providers across Hedland.

We will incorporate feedback on these drafts into the final documents, Early Childhood Education Workforce Development Plan and the 10 Year Infrastructure Plan.

If you would like to get in touch or find out more about this process, head to our contact page and send us a message.

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