Meet your Steering Committee: Vicki-Tree Stephens

Meet your Steering Committee: Vicki-Tree Stephens

As you may have seen last year, we put out a call for new Steering Committee members. Before we announce the Steering Committee members that will be joining us in 2020, we would like to introduce you to the existing Committee.

Over the next few weeks we display a small profile of each of the existing Hedland Collective Steering Committee members.  Our first is Vicki-Tree Stephens.

Image courtesy of Youth Involvement Council via Elljay Photography

Vicki-Tree Stephens

  • I have lived in Hedland for 14 Years
  • My role in the Hedland community is CEO at Youth Involvement Council (YIC) although I did five years of invaluable work at a grassroots level before running the joint!
  • I wanted to be a member of the Hedland Collective Steering Committee because I believe in collective impact – I always did believe in people working together, valuing each others differences, welcoming each others strengths and finding smarter ways of working
  • After completing a post-grad-cert in Social Impact at UWA in 2016 this passion grew stronger even though I have learnt that it is not an easy journey and success hinges a lot on the key people driving the project.
  • I am passionate about: the environment, animal welfare and our next generation.
  • In my downtime, I love to spend time with family, travel, play golf, read, cook, massage and shakti

You can find out more about the Youth Involvement Council and the fantastic work that they do here:

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