The Hedland Collective Community Board is now live!

The Hedland Collective Community Board is now live!

One of the most powerful tools we can have in a time of crisis is information. 

But it is vital that the information we access is from trusted and reliable sources, and that it helps keep us connected us to our local communities. 

We need information about what is happening in our town so we can stay in touch with friends and neighbours, seek help and offer support where it is needed. 

The Hedland Collective is introducing its Stronger Together Community Board as a way to provide vital local information and the latest updates in health advice and social restrictions. 

Our aim is to fill the information gap in the Hedland community with a trusted voice, and explore ways to keep people in touch with each other as we work through the COVID-19 crisis together.  

The Community Board is focused on the needs of our communitywith news and updates about local events. We want to explore new ways of connecting people, and will promote regular events including a Front Yard Yarn every day at 5pm, where we can have a chat over the fence, and Picnic Antics at noon on Sundays, for neighbours to head out to their backyard at the same time for a casual meal and games.  

The board will also provide easy-to-navigate links to important health information, the latest developments relating to the pandemic, information about how to keep yourself and your family healthy and safe, tips and hints on ways to cope when confined to home, and a host of links to activities and events online to keep the whole household entertained and educated. 

We want the Hedland Collective Stronger Together Community Board to become a trusted resource for our community and a vital point of contact for people to come together and help each other through this testing time. 

Click here to view the Community Board

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