Saying goodbye to the digital Community Board

Saying goodbye to the digital Community Board

When the global pandemic hit Australia and our communities were thrown into lockdown, we turned to digital technology to make sure those living in the Hedland community still felt connected with one another.  

We created the Hedland Collective Community Board during a time of vast confusion, uncertainty and fear within local communities.  

It was created with three clear objectives; to provide a single source of truth during a tumultuous time, to build strong communities and to be a valuable resource for organisations, businesses and individuals in Hedland.  

Here we built strength, resilience and connection in Hedland, but as life returns to a new kind of normal, we feel the Community Board has served its purpose and it will be discontinued.  

Hedland Collective project manager Kylie Elsegood-Smith said digital technology fast became the best way to connect communities during the pandemic.  

“Once the initial panic of COVID-19 passed, we saw a re-emergence of compassion and comradery in the Hedland community and we knew we had to develop a way to share information, when it couldn’t be done in person,” she said. 

“The Community Boards were a way of using digital technology to make sure people in Hedland felt connected to their community, while receiving important information through a reliable source.  

“But as we enter our new normal, living with COVID-19 in our communities, we feel the Community Board has done what it was designed to do.” 

While the Community Board will be discontinued, Hedland Collective continues to share reliable information regarding all of its projects, as well as broader news and updates about Hedland, on its Facebook page.  

It also runs the Hedland Collective Stronger Together Facebook group, which is a space for all businesses, organisations and individuals to share news, updates and feel-good stories and achievements with the local community. We strongly encourage you to join the group and engage with other community members online.  

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