Introducing Hedland Heroes
Locals celebrated the launch of the Hedland Heroes at The Esplanade

Introducing Hedland Heroes

You don’t have to perform a life-saving act of courage to be a hero, nor do you need to raise millions of dollars for charity or wear a cape. In our eyes, heroes are the people who go the extra mile to make the lives of those around them better, with no expectation of thanks or praise. 

This project is a nod to those people, Hedland’s Heroes. The everyday Hedlander, going about their daily life, putting in that little bit extra to make Hedland a wonderful place to live.  

It’s a nod to the people who stick their hand up to coach the local Teeball team on a Saturday morning.  

Or the neighbour who tends to your garden while you’re away and takes your bins in, without you even asking them.  

It’s a symbol of thanks to the First Nations people who continue to champion and share culture, working towards an inclusive community for all in Hedland.  

And its for the people who go about their day with a smile, or a random act of kindness, just because they care.  

These are the Heroes of Hedland, who were nominated by their local community because they have done something that has made someone’s day, year or life better in little or big ways. 

This book pays tribute to the vibrancy and diversity of Hedland, a community of people from all walks of life. From First Nations people to others who come from distant lands, this book is a homage to a community thriving because of its people.  

This collection of stories is not only dedicated to our nominated heroes, but to all whose contribution to the community make Hedland a wonderful place to live. Without people like this, communities struggle to survive. These people are a testament to the idea that communities are always stronger together.  

Thank you to our Hedland Heroes.  

A message from Kariyarra Traditional Owner and Custodian, Diana Brown, who is also a director on the board of the Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation.

Diana Brown, Kariyarra Traditional Owner and Custodian

Waypa (Why-aba), Welcome. 

My name is Diana Brown,  Marapikurrinya is my family, my clan’s name.  

Yintha Ngurrara. 

I am a Kariyarra woman.  

Port Hedland is my country, I have my name with my country, Marapikurrinya. I have been here all my life, the last 60 years, I’ve seen changes to Port Hedland.  

I love the Puriya (blue seas) I used to go fishing and swimming and when the tides went out I used to walk along the reef and the beach picking up the shells and eating oysters on the rocks.  

The community is a good place, we have friendly people. I like my small town.  

Kurtalyi (Goor-dal-yee) that’s all I have to say.  

Diana Brown, Kariyarra Traditional Owner and Custodian

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