Hedland Heroes: Nicholas Green

Hedland Heroes: Nicholas Green

Creating more opportunities for traditional owners while giving back to the community motivates Nicholas Green to go beyond in his work and as a volunteer firey.  

As the CEO of the Kariyarra Aboriginal Corporation, Nic works tirelessly to advocate and pursue opportunities for the Kariyarra people, the traditional owners and custodians of the country on which Port and South Hedland sit.  

As an anthropologist and archaeologist, Nic has been working with Aboriginal people since he was 15, after running away from home to work on a pastoral station. 

It was the Aboriginal family he was living with who convinced him to return to school and go on to do further study. He studied archaeology and anthropology, sparking a lifelong passion for Cultural Heritage and Native Title.  

“The future for the Kariyarra people in my mind is this,” he said.  

“When you sit in Hedland, you see lots of industry; you see ports and rail and road – humongous opportunities.  

“Kariyarra people are not involved in many of those opportunities.  

“So, the vision I have for the Kariyarra people and the vision they have is to negotiate some good Native Title agreements, providing our people with an income stream they otherwise would not have.  

“That can create training opportunities and meaningful, long-term, intergenerational employment and investment.  

“So that one day, when the iron ore runs out, the Kariyarra people have a sustainable industry here. 

“It’s about creating a meaningful, sustainable future,” Nic says. 

Since moving to Hedland 18 months ago as the Chief Executive Officer, Nic has thrown himself into volunteering for the community, both as a Volunteer with the South Hedland Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service and with the Portside Heart of the West End town team.  

“I’ve always volunteered. When you’re a volunteer, you want to give back to your community,” he said.  

“I love living in this community.” 

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