Hedland Heroes: Morgan Davies & Claire Boyce

Hedland Heroes: Morgan Davies & Claire Boyce

There are not many things in life more valuable than a good neighbour, as Claire Boyce found when she and her family moved next door to Hedland stalwart Morgan Davies.  

At 86 years old, Morgan has lived in the Pilbara for more than 40 years, working as a boiler maker before retiring to Port Hedland 20 years ago.  

When Claire and her young family moved into the house next door, it was like winning the neighbourhood lottery.  

“I am so, so grateful to have Morgan and his little dog, Lilly, next door,” she said.  

“When we go on holidays, Morgan waters our lawn. Once we went on holiday, and when we returned, he had added a completely new garden bed with new plants and edging.” 

When we told Morgan his neighbour had nominated him as a Hedland Hero, he was defiantly humble. He considers that his acts of kindness were simply reciprocating those of Claire’s, in a bit of positive-finger-pointing.  

Claire bought him his little dog, Lilly, after his old dog died and checks in daily to see how Morgan’s doing.  

“She’s a lovely lady; it is her that’s the nice one,” Morgan said.  

“When she goes out in the car, her young kids wave to me because she’s taught them how to.” 

Although that might be because Claire’s children are rather fond of Morgan as he always has treats for them.  

“Our children love Morgan, he regularly buys them lollies and ice cream, and when they see him, they both light up,” she said.  

“Each week, without fail, he takes out our bins, brings them in for us, and even cleans them. Morgan has such a kind heart and a great sense of humour.  

“We are so lucky to have him next door. People like Morgan make Port Hedland home for us.” 

For Morgan, Hedland is also home because of the people.  

“I’m delighted to live here. Everyone in Hedland is nice, you just walk down the street, and people always say hello to each other.” 

While Claire nominated Morgan as a Hedland Hero, it’s safe to say they are both worthy of the title, looking out for each other and forming a beautiful friendship that makes one another’s life all the better. 

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