Hedland Heroes: Max Sivan Mesut Polat

Hedland Heroes: Max Sivan Mesut Polat

You might not know Max Sivan Mesut Polat, because he spends most of his time out in the kitchen at the Silver Star Café 

Originally from Turkey, Max worked as a chef all around the world before landing in Hedland, which he has called home for more than seven years.  

He’s known for his smiling face, prolific work ethic and delicious menus at the Silver Star Café. 

The pandemic hasn’t been kind to hospitality venues, with cafés, restaurants and hotels struggling to find staff across the State. It’s why Max pulls seven-day weeks to ensure a consistent and diverse offering of food and coffee in Hedland, which is vital for the local economy and tourism.  

“I love my job because I have really grown in the kitchen,” he said.  

Patrycja Rosinska says Max always has a smile and makes the best Eggs Benedict in town. 

“He works extremely hard to be able to open the café every day and provide great food and customer service to the Hedland community,” she said.  

“His positive attitude and beautiful smile make everyone’s day better.” 

Having plenty of food offerings is vital to local people, and Max says the Hedland community has supported him from the get-go.  

“I love my customers more than I love myself,” he said.  

“There’s a reason I work seven days a week; they keep a smile on my face.” 

Max hopes to one day open a fish and chip shop in Hedland, but until then, he continues to work hard and enjoy everything Hedland has to offer. 

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