Hedland Heroes: Laura Hawes

Hedland Heroes: Laura Hawes

Local Soccer Club President and mother of four, Laura Hawes, put Port Hedland on the map when she campaigned to have the town recognised on the popular breakfast show, Sunrise, with the weather team going live from Marapikurrinya Park at 3am.  

Since moving to Hedland with her family in 2015, Laura has been involved in most sporting clubs with her four highly active children.  

They particularly love swimming, which saw Laura take on the role of President of the Hedland Amateur Swimming Club while also being a member of the Hedland Junior Soccer Association Committee, where she is the current president.  

Laura works full-time at Pilbara Development Commission. Between work, taking the kids to sports, school, and all the rest, Laura sets up games for soccer on her lunch break each Friday and is always the last person to leave each night.  

“My children are like me; very active,” she said.  

“I’m someone that doesn’t say ‘no’ very often.  

“We’re so lucky to be living in this town. We’re avoiding the hustle and bustle of city life, so we have more family time. I have a rewarding career, but I’ve also got the chance to volunteer and be more involved in my children’s activities.” 

On top of this, Laura is on the board of St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School and the Parents and Friends Association. She is also a Local Buying Foundation committee member, an organisation that aims to enhance the economic sustainability of regions within the operational footprint of BHP Minerals Australia.  

Phil Mary tells Hedland Heroes that since moving to Hedland, Laura has thrown herself into the community. Despite having a busy career, she is known in the community for her passion for progressing the town. 

Her efforts brought Sunrise to Port Hedland during their A-Z of Australia, putting Hedland on the map. Their weather team broadcast live from Marapikurrinya Park, generating national exposure to the town.  

Laura says she enjoys giving back to the town. 

“I love the Hedland community. You arrive here and meet people who quickly become your family,” she said.  

“I think it’s so evident that everyone has their Pilbara family.” 

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