Hedland Heroes: Karli Beresford

Hedland Heroes: Karli Beresford

Moving to a new town where you don’t know a soul can be a daunting experience. So, when Karli Beresford landed a job in Hedland, she was determined to get involved with the community and make new friends.  

Karli has shown incredible leadership and dedication in her 18 months living in Hedland, chiefly through her volunteer work with Activate South Hedland (ASH) and the State Emergency Service.  

Having moved across the world to Germany, Karli knew the best way to make connections was to get involved in the community. Through a colleague at work, Karli discovered ASH. She’s now one of their most active members.  

Activate South Hedland is part of the Town Team Movement – teams of doers who activate spaces, inspire action and put on low-cost, high-reward events and activities to improve the local community.  

The group has thrown a ‘Chalk and Bake’ event on Hedditch Street, countless art activities, Yoga in the Square and, most recently, was involved in bringing the Town Team State Conference to South Hedland.  

Through these activations, Karli worked on everything from logistics to delivery.  

Fellow ASH member Victoria Shorter tells us that Karli is one of the most active members of ASH. 

“Karli is kind and genuine in caring about her community and takes a hands-on approach to make a positive contribution,” she said. ` 

“Respectfully, Karli doesn’t like a fuss or to be in the spotlight. I’m not sure she knows the reach of her amazing, gentle powers of positive leadership and community impact.” 

Karli says while she loves her sunset walks by the ocean, it’s the people who make Hedland special. 

“I’ve met so many cool people who are passionate about bringing positive change into the community,” she said.  

Karli’s commitment to creating vibrant, bright spaces for all to enjoy in Hedland makes her one of our unsung heroes, who we’re so happy has chosen to call Hedland home. 

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