Hedland Heroes: June Councillor

Hedland Heroes: June Councillor

June Councillor has devoted much of her life to the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, but she is also committed to setting an example of a strong, independent woman—one who inspires others, particularly other women, to be their own champions.  

June is a proud Banyjima woman born in Port Hedland and raised in Marble Bar.  

June is the Chief Executive Officer at Wirraka Maya Aboriginal Health Service, an organisation committed to helping Aboriginal people on their health journey by offering health, mental health, and well-being support services to people in the Hedland area.  

June is also on the Pilbara Aboriginal Health Alliance board, attending the Pilbara Aboriginal Health Planning Forum and being the Pilbara representative on the State peak affiliate.  

June is a passionate advocate for the local Aboriginal community. She has an instinct to help people, and her phone is on 24/7 to offer support to those in need.  

But she is most proud of her personal response to adversity. She is a strong woman whose goal is to inspire other women to go out and do what makes their hearts sing.  

It had always been her dream to buy a caravan and travel the country with her husband, but when her marriage ended, she wasn’t sure that was a possibility anymore.  

June refused to give up on that dream, buying a custom-built ‘Desert Rose’ Caravan and gaining towing training with the Global Gypsies.  

“I towed this massive van from Perth to Port Hedland,” she said.  

“I was encouraged by other women along the way. They were in awe and inspired by my courage to go solo. One even encouraged her husband to buy a van to enjoy the same experience. 

“My message to these beautiful women is that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, even when it takes you outside of your comfort zone.” 

Her courage earnt her the title of “Trailblazer” from a strong Indigenous woman who learnt of her courage to travel solo.  

“I would like to use this experience to inspire others who perhaps allow fear or circumstances to hinder their path or shift their dreams and aspirations.” 

June is genuinely a Trailblazer, an example of a strongminded woman who works to inspire, encourage, and change the lives of those in her community.  

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