Hedland Heroes: Damian Hill

Hedland Heroes: Damian Hill

As a father of two, Damian Hill knows first-hand that his kids wouldn’t be able to play the sports they love without parents putting up their hands to help.  

Having played sport his whole life, Damian is passionate about ensuring both his kids and other local kids get the same opportunities in Hedland to try a variety of sports without being limited due to a lack of volunteers. It’s why he coaches soccer and tee ball while also playing for the Pirates’ baseball team.  

“I was happy to coach and help out,” he said.  

“In Hedland, you don’t have as many parent helpers and volunteers, so it would be a shame if the kids couldn’t play sport because there weren’t enough volunteers.” 

He also volunteered to coach the Pilbara representative teams that travel for Championships around the state, ensuring young people have opportunities to play and develop their skills.  

You can find Damian coaching or training most nights of the week. When he’s not on the soccer pitch, he’s helping as a volunteer snake handler with Hedland Snake Removals. 

After doing a snake handling course through BHP, he saw a not-for-profit group on Facebook looking for volunteers.  

“I’m no snake enthusiast, but I thought, “Hey, I’ve done the course; I know how to handle them”,” he said.  

The group has gone from three to twelve members, incorporating many snake enthusiasts who bag and release snakes.  

Through all these community groups, Damian has found a network of friends he often catches up with over a BBQ or down at the sports oval.  

From snakes to kids’ sports, Damian is making a real difference in his community, ensuring plenty of opportunities for his children and the children of Hedland. 

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