Hedland Heroes: Clair Morrison

Hedland Heroes: Clair Morrison

You may have noticed more colour, vibrancy, and art as you walk down Wise Terrace in South Hedland. That’s partly thanks to the work of Clair Morrison, who has worked tirelessly to reinvigorate the space.  

When you speak to Clair, her love for meeting new people, hearing different perspectives and learning about all the things that make Hedland such a diverse community is clear.  

While she’s only lived here for two years, she’s certainly made a mark in her role as a Place Facilitator at the Town of Port Hedland. Clair drove the project that saw Wise Terrace regenerated with colourful murals on the footpath, new seating, additional trees for shade, and invigorating the space.  

Her goal was to make it a more inviting area for everyone to come together, no matter their background.  

“We wanted to make it a space where more people felt safe and comfortable,” she said.  

“It was great, I was pretty much there every day in August, and I got to see and meet so many different faces and hear so many stories.” 

Clair also works to help the local Town Teams in their ventures, working behind the scenes to empower locals to seize opportunities to activate spaces, build their skills and provide that little bit of extra support.  

Since moving up to Hedland with her dog for a new adventure and warmer climate, Clair has genuinely found a home. She met her fiancĂ© in Hedland, and the couple has just bought a house.  

“I love it here, Hedland is a town of a lot of ‘blow-ins’, and when you make friends, they become your family. That’s what I like about it so much. 

“We have so many amazing community members, and I want to see them have the opportunity to really develop the Hedland community because it can be such a vibrant place.” 

Since working to reinvigorate Wise Terrace, the Council has now chosen to close it off to cars to create a welcoming area for the community to meet and share time together. 

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