About Us

Our Story

Founded to provide a platform for the community

Over the past few years, the Hedland Collective has sought input from stakeholders, researched and identified initiatives that required a collaborative approach. These initiatives were identified as important to move Hedland forward in positive ways, but difficult to achieve without the joint actions of stakeholders.

Hedland Collective has committed to supporting such initiatives; those requiring a common approach and collaborative action.

Hedland is home

For thousands of years the Traditional Owners of Hedland, the Kariyarra people have held a deep connection to the region and called Hedland home. The Marripikurrinya family are the Traditional Owners within the broader Kariyarra determinations. ‘Mara’ means hand. The landform and creeks of Port Hedland are like the hand with fingers pointing straight.

The town of Port Hedland was established in 1863, bringing new people who would also form a strong connection to the place. While many who move to Hedland only intend on remaining for a short time, they often find themselves still there long after they first planned to move on.

Today many new residents come from across Australia as well as from around the world including places such as New Zealand, England, the Philippines and South Africa. For all residents, regardless of where they come from creating a home in Hedland means finding a community that is welcoming, supportive, safe and has opportunities for all.

Our Guiding Principles


We can have a greater impact on the Hedland community together than any individual or organisation can apart.

Shared Responsibility

The strength of collaboration is that all individuals and organisations take responsibility for actions and outcomes, allowing our work to build on the strengths of each other.​


We have respect for all members of the community as well as the diverse cultures and history that make Hedland.


Our communication is open and transparent to celebrate successes and learn from limitations.


Our initiatives have clear outcomes to ensure that we have clear and long-lasting impact on the Hedland community.



Port Hedland is home to many peoples. The Kariyarra people have cared for these lands and waters for many thousands of years. Today we are a diverse community of Aboriginal people and over 48 nationalities. 

Together we commit to celebrating all cultures, keeping the tradition of welcome to country strong to ensure we enter and reside in these lands with respect, walking together as equals, treating each other with dignity so all people belong, stay safe and thrive.

You can find out more about our Welcome pathway here.


Hedland is known for the strength of its community. Like a rough diamond, it’s not showy, but strong and cohesive at its core.

The Hedland Collective is committed to supporting initiatives and projects that bring the community together in positive ways and will do this through a focus on supporting households, communities and community organisations.

You can find out more about our Together pathway here.


Port Hedland a place to get ahead. Hedland is an important economic engine to the nation, contributing 20% of WA’s Gross State Product and one in every 12 jobs. And it is growing. By 2028-29 it is projected that there will be an additional 5,000+ port supply chain jobs and a further 10,000+ associated jobs.

The Hedland Collective is committed to boost employment opportunities for all people and to propel enterprise by: supporting excellence in schools, facilitating pathways to work and fostering innovation in enterprise.

You can find out more about our Opportunity pathway here.


Hedland has and is home to many visionary leaders. Aboriginal leaders, leaders in business, leaders in politics, youth leaders and leaders in community. To thrive in this ever-changing world we need to equip the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow to adapt, promote positive narratives and lead people well.

The Hedland Collective is committed to supporting the leaders of today and tomorrow and to advocating for the visionary town-building projects that reinforce Hedland’s leading role in the region.

You can find out more about our Leadership pathway here.

Our Origins

The Hedland Collective was founded in 2017, with the support of BHP, to provide a platform for the community to work together for the betterment of Hedland through a collaborative model.

The aim was not to replicate existing services and resources but to bring organisations together to achieve outcomes in the community that could not be achieved by any one organisation alone. 

The Collective was officially launched in 2018 and undertook broad consultation to understand the existing resources in Hedland as well as the key challenges facing the community.

In the last year we have supported Hedland Senior High School’s School Based Traineeship Program, initiated ‘StreetNet’, and became an establishing partner in the Pilbara Family and Domestic Violence Network.

Our Future

In 2020 the Hedland Collective has developed a roadmap that lays out our broader strategic direction.

‘This roadmap provides a focus on the issues that matter to the Hedland community. Moving forward the Hedland Collective will be focusing on delivering the objectives and strategies outlined in the roadmap. This will focus the Collective on actions that will help us achieve our vision- building opportunities for all people and our Hedland community to thrive.

Our Steering Committee Members

The Hedland Collective has an amazing steering committee that represents many sectors of the Hedland community.

Celeste Astorino

Pilbara Manager – Western Australian Council of Social Service

Jaylan Smith

Senior Community Adviser – Fortescue Metals Group Ltd

Narelle Ward

Hedland Network of Principals

Tarin Colwill

Industry Training Consultant – Apprenticeship Support Australia

Fiona McDonogh

Port Hedland community representative

Trish Barron

Director People, Place and Community – Pilbara Development Commission

Rebekah Worthington

CEO – Hedland Well Women’s Centre

Chris Cottier

Manager of WA Community Relations – BHP

Vicki-Tree Stephens

CEO – Youth Involvement Council

Karen Munro

Community Engagement – Goodline

Fredrick Reibeling

Commissioner – Town of Port Hedland

Josephine Bianchi

Director Community Services – Town of Port Hedland

Victoria Malyk

Community Migrant Service Worker – Pilbara Community Legal Service

Diana Robinson-Brown

Director — Marapikurrinya Heritage


How we work

The Hedland Collective is based on a ‘collective impact’ model. This means that our initiatives and actions are delivered by the combined efforts of Hedland Collective working party members, supported by our steering committee and project partners.



Governance Structure

Hedland Collective Members are individuals and organisations that are committed to the vision and outcomes of the Hedland Collective.
Partners are those that make a significant financial contribution to the Hedland Collective.
Steering Committee is elected every three years.
Working Party members are drawn from the Hedland Collective members to work on initiatives.

Terms of reference

If you want to know more about how we work, you can find our terms of reference here.

If you want to find out more or get involved, get in touch.