Hedland Heroes: Cameron Cornish

Being able to help someone on what could be the worst day of their life is what motivates Cameron Cornish to give his time to

Hedland Heroes: Chantel Cullen

Like many who moved to Hedland with a two-year plan, Chantel Cullen and her family are ten years down the track, having made the town

Hedland Heroes: Clair Morrison

You may have noticed more colour, vibrancy, and art as you walk down Wise Terrace in South Hedland. That’s partly thanks to the work of

Hedland Heroes: Damian Hill

As a father of two, Damian Hill knows first-hand that his kids wouldn’t be able to play the sports they love without parents putting up

Hedland Heroes: Grant Miles

You’ll often find father of three, Grant Miles, out at the BMX track or training on his own bike to help kids locally and beyond.  

Hedland Heroes: James Brown

James Brown has had a life-long love of soccer (or football as he calls it!) but a small mountain of injuries saw him exchange his

Hedland Heroes: Jan Breddy

For as long as Jan Breddy can remember, she has loved netball. One of her earliest memories of the sport is sneaking into the local

Hedland Heroes: June Councillor

June Councillor has devoted much of her life to the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, but she is also committed to setting

Hedland Heroes: Karli Beresford

Moving to a new town where you don’t know a soul can be a daunting experience. So, when Karli Beresford landed a job in Hedland,

Hedland Heroes: Laura Hawes

Local Soccer Club President and mother of four, Laura Hawes, put Port Hedland on the map when she campaigned to have the town recognised on

Hedland Heroes: Lee Ross

Lee Ross is the first to admit he loves his job. As a pharmacist, he always has time for a smile and a good chat,

Hedland Heroes: Letcha Solo

As a mother of five, it is vital to Letcha Solo that her kids learn the value of community. It’s why she volunteers at any