Hedland Heroes: Lisa Rose

Most in Hedland will know Lisa Rose as the ‘Roo Lady’ because when she’s not bottle-feeding tiny joeys, she’s rescuing them off the side of

Hedland Heroes: Megan Harrison

When Megan Harrison started dreaming about Pilbara landscapes, snakes, and frogs, she knew she had to move her life up to Hedland. She and her

Hedland Heroes: Melanie Argent

Melanie Argent is the epitome of a woman who lifts and supports others, particularly other women. Since moving to Hedland and taking on her own

Hedland Heroes: Nicholas Green

Creating more opportunities for traditional owners while giving back to the community motivates Nicholas Green to go beyond in his work and as a volunteer

Hedland Heroes: Nikki Platt

While Nikki Platt hasn’t lived in Hedland very long, her impact on the community as a volunteer paramedic has been critical, helping in countless emergencies

Hedland Heroes: Rachel Mullins

Most people in Hedland would know Rachel Mullins as ‘Ms Mullins’, but when she’s not teaching her year six class at St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary

Hedland Heroes: Rikki-Lee Watkins

As a proud Kariyarra woman, Rikki-Lee Watkins has made it her job to ensure all Kariyarra people are guaranteed a sustainable, secure, and inclusive future

Hedland Heroes: Victoria Shorter

It was a bit of a climate shock when Victoria Shorter moved from her home in the colder, mountainous New Zealand to the sizzling hot

Hedland Heroes: Thomas Hunter

By day, Thomas Hunter is helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people facing mental health issues, but by night he lets his hair down as