Taking Stock

Stand-by for some important changes at the Hedland Collective. You’ve told us that you want action. We’ve heard you. We are going to narrow our

Future-proofing Child Care in Hedland

The Hedland Collective is taking action to help solve the problem of the lack of Child Care services in the town. Initial investigations undertaken by

School-based Traineeships update

School-based traineeships are a key focus for the Hedland Collective because they are a great way to support a future employment pathway for students in

New website is coming soon

Hedland Collective aims to be adaptable and nimble, respond to community needs and complement other ongoing community efforts. The Hedland Collective is undergoing an extensive

Hedland Now

Over the last few months the Hedland Collective has been quietly working away in the background on projects that matter to the Hedland community. We