Nominate a local leader!

We’ve got so many fantastic people in our community and we are keen to celebrate them through a blog series on our Community Board. Whether

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Go on, get involved!

Whether you’ve already registered for StreetNet or have seen the initiative online or in your community newsletter, you may be asking yourself what it’s all about. Maybe you’re thinking you don’t

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Hedland Local Jobs

If your local business is looking for some new talent to join your team, don’t forget about the Hedland Local Jobs website!   It’s not industry specific either, so

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Neighbour Cards!

We’ve already heard great stories about Hedland Kindness with people getting involved and supporting their neighbours, local businesses and greater community. So, to encourage you all during this unsettling time, we’ve produced some Neighbour Cards.   If

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Hedland Kindness

Welcome to our new supporters of the Hedland Collective and members of the Hedland Collective Stronger Together COVID-19 Facebook Group. The Facebook group is a place where you can come to

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