Our Pathways


We believe that visionary leadership promotes greatness in us all.

Hedland has and is home to many visionary leaders. Aboriginal leaders, leaders in business, leaders in politics, youth leaders and leaders in community. To thrive in this ever-changing world we need to equip the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow to adapt, promote positive narratives and lead people well. 

The Hedland Collective is committed to supporting the leaders of today and tomorrow and to advocating for the visionary town-building projects that reinforce Hedland’s leading role in the region.


Hedland is recognised for its strong leadership and town-building projects


The Hedland Collective supports young leaders, promotes positive narratives and engages in town-building projects


  • Perceived quality of local leadership in the community, industry and government sectors

  • Perception of Hedland

  • Number of town-building projects small and large completed





Local leaders are equipped and supported

Engage with local leaders to develop a strategy to support local leadership

  • Initiate an annual Celebrating Local Leaders Awards which invites community nominations
  • Celebrate the achievements of local leaders through a series of blogs on the community platform
  • Identify leadership resources required and provide through community platform and other means
  • Identify best mechanism and approach to improve youth participation in local governance structures

Hedland Collective Industry Steering Group

Public perceptions of Hedland are improving

Commence communications planning to promote Hedland and initiate communications to achieve this

  • Developing a comprehensive communications plan in collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Town of Port Hedland and industry partners
  • Commence development of communications collateral
  • Cross promote on local and state channels
  • Monitor, evaluate and advocate where needed for further additional promotion

Town of Port Hedland and the Hedland Collective Industry Steering Group

Town-building projects are improving quality of life in Hedland 

Support local and state government’s delivery of town-building projects through contributions to engagement processes, cross promotion and communications

  • Annually identify town-building projects the Hedland Collective seeks to contribute to
  • Gain input from Hedland Collective members and broader community input through Community Portal
  • Be a representative voice in town planning and activation processes
  • Cross promote project communications on Community Portal
  • Assist the Town through advocacy for a new Civic Center and Swimming pool adjacent to the High School to create a hub

Town of Port Hedland

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders’ voices are present and heard

Support local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders in the delivery of their initiatives through advocacy, cross promotion and communications

  • TBC through codesign process with local Aboriginal Leaders in Hedland


Do you or your organisation want to be involved in any of our pathway initiatives?