Our Pathways


We believe in an equitable Hedland where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Port Hedland a place to get ahead. Hedland is an important economic engine to the nation, contributing 20% of WA’s Gross State Product and one in every 12 jobs. And it is growing. By 2028-29 it is projected that there will be an additional 5,000+ port supply chain jobs and a further 10,000+ associated jobs. 

The Hedland Collective is committed to boost employment opportunities for all people and to propel enterprise by: supporting excellence in schools, facilitating pathways to work and fostering innovation in enterprise.


Excellence in educational achievement, transitions to work and enterprise development

Hedland Collective Role

The Hedland Collective convenes, advocates and kick-starts priority projects


  • Investment in Hedland Senior High School 
  • Number of students and local businesses engaged in the school-based traineeship program
  • Educational achievement





There are clear educational pathways and strong school to work transitions

Advocate for investment into Hedland Senior High School

  • Engage with key stakeholders to build support for investment into Hedland Senior High School in next State Government budget


Initiate a Pathways to Opportunities HSHS and industry partnership to improve school to work transitions

In progress
  • Form Hedland Collective Industry Steering Group and convene meetings
  • Identify and promote opportunities for school-based traineeships and match to students
  • Monitor and evaluate program
  • Strengthen Trade Training Centre student readiness for work

Industry Steering Group

There is community confidence in the performance of Hedland Senior High School

Provide HSHS with communications support to promote the work the school is doing to prepare students for the work of the future

In progress
  • Develop a communications plan for school
  • Produce communications collateral and drive communications through channels:
    • School magazine
    • Community Platform
    • Competitions

Hedland Collective

Decreased unemployment and under-employment and increased volunteerism

Kick-start a JobConnect Priority Initiative

  • Initiate a JobConnect provider network and develop a strategy to decrease unemployment and under-employment and increased volunteerism
  • Provide links to apprenticeship, a job and volunteer listings through the community platform

Apprenticeships WA, Volunteering WA

Viable local small and medium sized businesses remain strong throughout COVID-19 and beyond

Convene key providers and government to collectively promote local economic and stimulus and support packages

  • Engage with local businesses and organisation to identify areas of need
  • Identify all local economic and stimulus and support packages
  • Prepare communications and promote what is available through the community portal and information sessions

Town of Port Hedland

There is equal participation in the workforce by all genders, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups

Convene stakeholders to develop a strategy to increase workforce and business ownership participation

  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Convene meeting
  • Develop action plan