Our Pathways


We believe in a strong and cohesive Hedland where the community supports each other through thick and thin.

Hedland is known for the strength of its community. Like a rough diamond, it’s not showy, but strong and cohesive at its core. The Hedland Collective is committed to supporting initiatives and projects that bring the community together in positive ways and will do this through a focus on supporting households, communities and community organisations.


The Hedland community is cohesive with high levels of social capital and connectedness


To support the establishment of initiatives and provide information


  • Number of required childcare places
  • Perception of safety at home
  • Decrease in family violence
  • Number of people accessing and engaging with Community Platform





There are high levels of community connectedness and cooperation

Launch StreetNet and commence activities to connect neighbours and streets

  • Develop Hedland StreetNet and negotiate partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Launch StreetNet and identify StreetNet representatives
  • Mentor and support StreetNet representatives to run program in their own street
  • Promote StreetNet activities

Hedland Collective, Town of Port Hedland

The Hedland community has high-quality accessible childcare

Initiate a priority project to increase childcare places in Hedland

  • Research the dimension of need for childcare places
  • Advocate for increased provision of childcare places
  • Support Hedland Collective partners to enter into contract to provide additional childcare places
  • Promote the delivery of childcare places
  • Monitor, evaluate and advocate where needed for further additional childcare places

Pilbara Development Commission, BHP, Town of Port Hedland

Hedland is safe for families

Commence a priority project to establish and support a Pilbara Family and Domestic Violence Network

  • Form a partnership with WACOSS to establish  the network
  • Invite key stakeholders and jointly research, plan and deliver actions to support families

WACOSS, Hedland Collective

People have access to and are connected to resources, health advice, event listings and education opportunities

Launch and host the Stronger Together Community Platform

  • Design a digital community platform to support the community during COVID-19 and beyond
  • Keep platform up to date with access to resources, health advice, event listings and education opportunities. 
  • Promote and facilitate engagement with the platform

Hedland Collective

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