Enriching the Hedland community through collective impact

Our Purpose

To further develop Hedland as a safe, welcoming and vibrant community that attracts and retains residents and businesses.

The Hedland Collective is the conduit through which stakeholders come together to codesign and develop a strategic plan, and advocate on critical areas that require multi-stakeholder engagement to deliver positive and lasting impacts on the Hedland community.

Our Initiatives

The Hedland Collective is focusing on areas that really matter to the Hedland community. 

Child Care

Taking action on the lack of child care services in Hedland.

Education & Training

The future of the town’s young adults entering the workforce is a key focus for the Hedland Collective.

Community Safety

We know that safety is important to the people of Hedland.

Latest News

Mentors make a difference to young lives

Volunteer mentors are making a difference to the lives of vulnerable young people at schools in Port Hedland. Under the program delivered by EdConnect Australia

Neighbour Cards!

We’ve already heard great stories about Hedland Kindness with people getting involved and supporting their neighbours, local businesses and greater community. So, to encourage you all during this unsettling time, we’ve produced some Neighbour Cards.   If