Enriching the Hedland Community through collaborative action

We stand up for what Hedland needs and we stand up together.

Our Purpose

Hedland Collective builds opportunities for all people and our Hedland community to thrive.

There are some things that can only happen when we come together.

That’s what the Hedland Collective does.
We join up the good efforts of people and organisations.
We connect, research, advocate and kick-start projects to:

  • Ensure everyone feels welcome
  • Bring the community together
  • Boost opportunities for all people and propel enterprise
  • Support strong local leadership to stand up through projects and organisations.

Our Pathways

The Hedland Collective is focusing on areas that really matter to the Hedland community.


We believe in a Hedland where everyone feels welcome and where we walk together with mutual respect.


We believe in a strong and cohesive Hedland where the community supports each other through thick and thin.


We believe in an equitable Hedland where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


We believe that visionary leadership promotes greatness in us all.

Community Board

Connections within our community are more important than ever, and Hedland Collective is committed to building stronger links that inform, engage and enrich our lives. 

Our Community Board is designed as a trusted source of positive stories and information about the good things happening in our community and beyond. 

We want to keep you connected to local news, events, groups and services and, through our StreetNet initiative, to help you feel part of our immediate community, on your street.

Latest News