Hedland Heroes: Chantel Cullen

Hedland Heroes: Chantel Cullen

Like many who moved to Hedland with a two-year plan, Chantel Cullen and her family are ten years down the track, having made the town their home while cementing herself as a valued community member.  

Since moving to Hedland, Chantel has had her second child, opened a business, sold a business, and become the Port Hedland Industries Council’s Business and Community Manager. She devotes much of her time to helping local people to thrive.  

Chantel goes out of her way to support local businesses by buying locally rather than going online to bigger companies and is constantly advocating for the community through social media channels. 

Her friend, Melanie Argent, tells us that she is a tireless supporter of everyone in town and among the first to welcome new faces.  

“She talks of Hedland as if she has lived here her whole life,” she said.  

“It’s in her blood and bones, and she is not afraid to speak about it.” 

Chantel’s philosophy in life is to leave things better than how she found them, which is why she is so passionate about building a strong community.  

“The people here are great. Almost every one of us has been the new person who has moved here at some point, so everyone is welcoming and wants to help each other,” she said.  

“When I take on a role, I take it on as my personal mission. So, I invest quite heavily in all that I do.” 

Chantel is also the Chair of the Hedland Well Women’s Centre, an organisation she has heavily invested in due to their incredible work to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for women in Hedland. 

“I love helping people and just trying to make things better,” she said.  

“If I can help an organisation improve ten women’s lives, then that’s a proud achievement because what else can you do in this life?” 

When she’s not working with local businesses or advocating for Hedland, Chantel can be found at the motorbike club with her kids, travelling and camping, and soaking up all the region has to offer. 

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