Celebrating the Hedland Collective Roadmap

Celebrating the Hedland Collective Roadmap

There are some things that can only happen when we come together.

That’s what the Hedland Collective does. We join up the good efforts of people and organisations.

Founded in 2017, with the support of BHP, the Hedland Collective seeks to provide a platform for the community to work together in a collaborative way for the betterment of our home here in Hedland.

We connect, research, advocate and kick-start projects to:

  • Ensure everyone feels welcome
  • Bring the community together
  • Boost opportunities for all people and propel enterprise
  • Support strong local leadership to stand up through projects and organisations

With so many dedicated and passionate groups involved, it was important we established a clear strategy and direction to ensure we’re able to work together in the most collaborative and effective way possible.

With our new Roadmap finalised, we’re ready to share it with the community and invite you all along on the journey!

Have a read of the roadmap and find out what we’ll be up to over the next year. If you or your organisation would like to be involved in any of the initiatives, have any great ideas, or join a working group, we’d love to hear from you.

Reach out by emailing us at info@hedlandcollective.com or calling 08 9284 0910.

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