Hedland Heroes: Letcha Solo

Hedland Heroes: Letcha Solo

As a mother of five, it is vital to Letcha Solo that her kids learn the value of community. It’s why she volunteers at any chance she has.  

Born in the Philippines, Letcha and her husband moved to Hedland in 2009. She now works as a cleaner at one of the schools and does night fill at the local shops.  

Between working and raising her five children, Letcha is often the first to put her hand up to help with community events. She’s been part of Clean Up Australia Day, the SAFE Hedland Car Wash Day, Town Ambassador, and the Spot Adopt Clean, which sees the Care for Hedland group clean up different spaces throughout the Town of Port Hedland.  

Each year, she also takes part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight children’s cancer; and has raised more than $1000 over the last three years. In October, you’ll normally see Letcha and four of her children riding after school each day.  

Letcha puts her hand up not only because she wants to give back to the Hedland community but also to set a good example for her kids.  

“If I have free time on the weekend and I can help, my kids can help too,” she said.  

“It’s really important because I want to make memories with my kids, so when they grow up and have their own family, they will realise family is everything. 

“I love Hedland. I don’t have any relatives here, just my husband and me, but what I love in a small town like this is that the community is always ready and willing if you need help.” 

AJ Downes tells Hedland Heroes that Letcha is a dedicated community member.  

“She is an amazing person who does a lot, not just for her family. Despite her busy schedule, she never forgets to be an amazing contributor to the life of our town,” she said.  

Communities thrive when people stick their hands up to help and when people teach future generations to do the same. 

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